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Catalyst performing arts project is currently based in Toxteth T.V in Liverpool 8, where it has an office, workshop and performance space.  The project was initiated and formed in the Toxteth area of Liverpool in 1984.  The group was set up because it was clearly recognised that there was an urgent need to provide the opportunity for young people in the area to discover and express their own creativity through drama, writing, dance and other arts activities. 


The project promotes the personal development of young people by providing opportunities for the exploration of their own creativity and self-expression through the use of the arts.  Young people are encouraged to be involved in shaping the organisation and contributing to the activities undertaken. 

Catalyst aims to;


· Introduce young people to drama, dance, music and other arts skills in order to discover their own creative potential;


·  Relate their own creativity to their role within the group, local community and a national perspective;


·  Make their own experience, lifestyle and culture the subject matter of arts activity and performance, thus giving young people a voice within contemporary society at a number of levels;


· Offer a supportive space where young people can experience the benefits of working co-operatively;


· Offer vocational, educational and training guidance;


· Build and encourage constructive relationships between adults and other young people. 



Catalyst would like to thank the following funders for their much appreciated and valuable support without whom Catalyst would not be able to continue its work much needed work with The Young People of Merseyside